End of Lease

Natraspray Pest Control

These treatments usually depend on your Real Estate, Landlord, or management agent agreements or contracts.

If pets were at the property a flea treatment is usually necessary.

It is advisable to speak with your agent or read your contract thoroughly and clearly to determine if the property needs to be treated for fleas inside and/or outside and if a full general pest spray is required.

The best place to find what is required is by your lease contract or by contacting the agent. Some other places to look at your obligations can be found on these external websites.

A flea treatment and General Pest Treatment procedures can be found above

For More specific single pest treatments please phone our office where we can go over the procedure in detail for you.

These can include but are not limited to:

There are four main species found in and around homes in Australia. American cockroach, Australian cockroach, German cockroach, Bush cockroach
Rodents (rats & Mice)
Mosquitos & flies
Carpet Beetle

Ants can be broken down to 3 main types of feeders common to households.
Sugar feeders, protein feeders & carbohydrate feeders. Our technicians identifying the species helps to treat the ants as all types require a different technique to have them treated effectively.

Location of the treatments also plays an important role in what methods will be used to treat them.

We can provide internal treatments, external treatments and yard treatments.

Bees & wasps
Lice & Mites
Ground dwelling, Webbing
Weevils, Moths
Bed Bugs

Inspection of rooms for bed bugs or signs of is the first port of call. This includes the inspection of the bed frame, Mattress, bedside tables, picture frames, curtains and rails, carpet edges, wardrobes, all furnishings & luggage bags.

Treatment of the areas described using a registered solution. Re-inspection of the rooms to be carried out after 10 days. The rooms cannot be occupied for 10 days and until the follow-up inspection has been carried out.

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