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How long does a General Pest Treatment take?

We like to treat each home on its own merits and allow up to 2 hours as each home has its challenges – pets, kids, sick or elderly. On average, for a 4 bedroom home it takes 1 ½ hours for us to treat the roof void, inside and outside. We have kids of our own and know that the room that was tidied 5 minutes ago is now a fort with 8 knights defending against 500! We’ve been there, and we still are.

How long does a Termite Inspection take?

An average termite inspection takes about 1 ½ hours. Some homes are more complex, may have extra areas of concern or actually have active termites. These can all add to the time it takes. We will not rush an inspection – and everything is done with you in mind. We use basic equipment – torches, knockers, ladders and we use more advanced equipment – thermal camera, sonar and moisture devices to give you the best overall snapshot of your home as it stands today! Reports are supplied and the work is done at least to the Australian Standards.

How long does a Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection (PPI) take?

PPI’s are similar, but different to a Termite inspection. They go into more depth with regards to timber pests and include borer, decay and conducive conditions. The reports are generally longer and given their nature tend to take longer than the Termite Inspection. We like to allow up to 3 hours to complete the inspection onsite. We usually work closely with a Building Inspector, as 4 eyes are better than 2, and a Building Inspector works to a different Australian Standard then we do.

Are we insured and licenced?

We are insured by Pacific International, and licenced by Queensland Health, the QBCC and for those clients in NSW – NSW EPA.

Training and Qualifications

Brad has undertaken training from Rapid Solutions, TAFE, Technicians with over 30 years’ experience, leading industry professionals, and continues to attend extra training events to ensure his information is kept as up-to-date as possible.

Are reports extra?

Termite Inspections, Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections, Termite Treatments, Termite Protection and General Pest Treatments all have their own individual reports that are completed for you and are supplied as a part of the treatment. If anyone asks for extra for a report, they are not doing the right thing by you or for you! We keep reports on our system for 7 years. The reports are in line with the current Australian Standards and comply with all the Acts and Regulations.

Do I need to vacate while the pest treatment is being carried out?

Most of our clients are usually at work or have something to do while we are there. Some prefer to be outside while we are spraying inside. Some go to the shops, go for a coffee, hang out the washing, wash the car, take the kids and dog for a walk – take your pick! We don’t take offense to people doing this – it can actually make the job easier. Some people are conscious of their belongings – and again this is perfectly fine with us. We generally only ask to leave the room we are treating while we are treating it and give us the space and time we need to do the work right the first time for you!

Do I need to empty cupboards? How do I prepare for spray?
Is the spray safe?
When would you use an aerosol?

In some instances, a particular insect could require the use of a space spray or an aerosol. When we do feel the need to use this, we will discuss it with you as the propellants can sometimes have an odour. This is the time we might need to have the house completely to ourselves for an hour or so, and this would allow to us to apply the spray, allow it to dry and also open windows and doors to ventilate it. Just like deodorants – there could be a slight smell that is left behind and this will clear as well.

What happens if it is raining at the time of the treatment?

We can’t control the weather! We understand that you have made time for us to be there and we appreciate it! Depending on the treatment that you are having done, we might call ahead. For example – you might be having a Termite Inspection carried out. It’s difficult to thoroughly inspect the outside of the house in the rain. Sometimes it can also be great because we get a chance to see the drainage situation or maybe even help find a nuisance leak in the roof. Another example might be you have a General Pest Treatment scheduled – again, the outside would have to wait, however the inside can be done! We can do the outside when the weather clears up! Again – each treatment has its own unique obstacles!

How can I pay?

We have the options for direct deposit (bank transfer), cash, credit card, cheque or eftpos to make it easy for you!

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