Pest Control

Natraspray Pest Control

We have a vast variety of services available to suit all our clients. The most common pest treatment services are outlined below but we can certainly tailor a more specific plan to each individual client’s requirements:

A comprehensive (annual) General Pest Control Treatment: to eliminate cockroaches, spiders, & ants from the building – inside, outside & roof void. Includes subfloor if applicable.

A variety of methods are used in this treatment and are safe. you can read more about this in the FAQ.

Spraying, gel, dust & aerosol were required.
Skirting boards would be sprayed. A gel applied to kitchen cupboards. Dust blown through the roof void. The exterior spray is around the windows and door frames, under the eaves and around the base of the perimeter of the walls. Immediate gardens, carport, outdoor furniture and playsets will also be treated.

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