About Us

Natraspray Pest Control

My name is Brad Lincoln, my wife is Karina and our children are Damon & Dotti.

We purchased this business in 2013. As a local living in the scenic rim district and a family, we know the importance of health & safety.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide you with a stress-free, professional, honest and friendly service and to share our knowledge to better accommodate your concerns.

Our guarantee

Our guarantee is to provide you with a prompt, reliable, quality service with competitive prices. If you experience anything but otherwise we welcome you to let us know immediately so we can rectify the situation. This is a part of our continued growth and development and each and every client is an important role in our business.

The products we use are of the highest quality, lowest odour and safest to use around your home, family, gardens and pets.

Natraspray Pest Control is Fully Licenced and insured. As Qualified professionals, we continue to undertake further training and to meet industry standards, keeping ourselves updated with the latest technologies, products and services available. All work is done according to the Australian Standards.

We want to be an integral part of your home maintenance for many years to come and build a long-lasting and friendly relationship. We always endeavour to answer the phone or return your message as a priority.

We have the equipment, knowledge and experience to keep these buggers on their toes and off your property.

I (Brad Lincoln) have been in the pest control industry since 2000 and have gained extensive experience over the past 15 years working in many facets of the industry. I have a real passion for my career and termites are a true love – inspecting for them, treating them and protecting homes built for a family.

Natraspray Scenic Rim can resolve issues in your home quickly, professionally and with minimum disruptions to your day-to-day life. We carry out in-depth pest inspections that cover every aspect of your home or office.

Our services will leave no stone unturned, including the roof where insects and pests can breed unnoticed.

Karina has held her pest licence since 2006.

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